Hello! I'm Phoenix!

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Hello! I'm Phoenix!

Post  phoenix2 on Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:54 am

Hello everyone! My in game name is Phoenix, but you can call me Owen! I am a freshman college student living in the US, and I play college basketball! Actually just scored my first career points tonight, yay me! Anyway, I've been playing private servers for five years and this one is looking more and more enticing the more I play it! I plan to stick around for a long time. I'm usually on at around 6 PM Eastern Standard Time, so come and hang out with me!Very Happy

Edit: I recently received moderator status! Thank you to the owners for trusting me to do the job, and I promise to carry out my new position to the best of my ability! If you need help or have any grievances, please DO NOT HESITATE to ask me! I'm there to help! If I can't solve your problem, odds are I probably know the person who can! So just let me know! Thank you all again!


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