Chef's Moderator application.

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Chef's Moderator application.

Post  Cheffie on Sun Dec 08, 2013 4:07 pm

Who are you?
- My name is Chef, as my name is ingame.

What is your age?
- 20

Why do you want to be player moderator?
- I am a dedicated player and help out the community alot.
Also i am very kind to people and feel like a part of the server.

Do you have any experience?
- Yes, i do.
I have been a player moderator on Runescape in 2007.
My privateserver moderator experience: on many different servers (crowded servers like dodian; 400+)
I've also had my own server back in 2008.

Do you know what to do?
- I just be myself like i am already.
But, helping someone out goes before my own needs as soon as i am a moderator.

Are you able to handle your power. if yes: would you abuse it?
- Yes i am able to handle it, i have proven it before and no i wont abuse my powers.

If you ever get demoted how do you handle
- I will ask why and carry on playing.

Is there something else you need to say?
- Yes.
I live in a different time zone.
When i am online in the morning the other staff is asleep.
So when i get to be a moderator, at least 1 staffmember is online in the time you are offline.

Even if i do not get picked, i will carry on playing and be myself.

For players who want to apply for mod, you can use my format. i made this myself.
For staff: more questions just ask me!



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