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My suggestions list

Post  bharker on Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:09 pm

Note: forgot to add two things: change undead chicken at end to "undead cow"
and add a undead npc that drops talismans for RC Smile


"Abberant Spectre"

This guy drops seeds (only way to obtain) these seeds can be used in order to create herbs for your own potions like pray pots and sara brews etc. Seeds should have a 1:3 ratio and be totally randomized (containing around 15 different kinds of seed) and therefore gives a 1:45 ratio of your EXACT seed!


( If smelting doesn't work, not quite sure yet)

"Animated Mithril Armor" "Animated Bronze armor" etc. etc.

This guy can drop bars and can be used to train the "smithing" skill and create armor for yourself and other players. Drop rates should be based on the armor, e.g "Animated bronze armor" should be ratio of 1:3 in noted form of 1, Iron 1:4, Steel, 1:5, Black, 1:6, Mithril 1:7, Adamant 1:8, Rune 1:10

3.) "firemaking - how can it be reinforced and actually VIABLE to train?"

Well, remove EVERY one of the accessible stoves... yes, i mean it Smile, make cooking ONLY available on fireplaces.

4.) "Cooking - How can it be reinforced?"

Well, make food ONLY available by fishing it (excluding the starter package of 50 lobsters"

5.) "Fishing - How can it be reinforced?"

*Mentioned Above*

6.) Smithing - how can it be reinforced?

*Mentioned along with animated armors*

7.) Mining - How Can it be reinforced?

Well, ONLY if smelting works really, otherwise i GUESS you could mine the ores and sell them to a store for the rate of 5 ores = 1 bar

8.) Hunter - How can it be reinforced?

Well, put fairies or whatever around the entire world and make their implin jars have a chance of containing a rare item like a dragon impling can VERY rarely contain dragon claws, and a 1:20 of a dragon weapon etc.

9.) Slayer - How can it be reinforced?

Simple, make the guy assign slayer tasks of _____ however many zombies and make slayer points "zombie slayer points" In it, you could have items like "Salve amulet (e)" and "slayer helmet" "fighter torso" etc. but make them very hard to obtain and you have to slay a lot of zombies ^^

10.) Fletching - How can it be reinforced?

In order to make higher quality bows, you MUST cut bows and craft "bow strings", fletching will also be used in my further NPC ideas (listed below)

11.) Crafting - How can it be reinforced?

*Mentioned Below*

12.) Thieving - How can it be reinforced?

Simple, place stalls where you can thieve, at a SLOW rate ( 100 damage per thieve) items like lobsters in the "food" stall, dhides in the "crafting" stall etc.

13.)  Herblore - How can it be reinforced?

*Mentioned Above)

14.) Agility - How can it be reinforced?

Introduce run energy? Make higher agility drain it less fast, also then a need for "super energy pots" is introduced

15.) Summoning - How can it be reinforced?

Actually make it useful and make bosses multi so you can use your familiars to atttack etc.

16.) Runecrafting - How can it be reinforced?

Make runes NOT available in ANY store, you MUST craft your own runes to succeed in training mage, Natures should have a high eco as you can actually use them to get a good source of gold by alching things

17.) "Revenant Dragon"

This npc can drop un-made dragon hides which can be used for creating dragon hide armor. Good ratios are " 1:4 green, 1:6 blue, 1:8 Red, 1:10 Black"

18.) "Crawling Hands"

This npc can drop the "culinaromancers" gloves, as they are so easy, the droprates should be:

1:10 Bronze, 1:20 Iron, 1:30 Steel, 1:40 Black, 1:50 Mith 1:60 Adamant, 1:70 Rune, 1:80 Dragon, 1:100 Barrows

19.) "Skeletal thug"

This npc can drop either uncut or cut gems which can be crafted into NECKLACES, RINGS, (combat bracelet too) and DEFENITELY (this is where fletching and runecrafting for cosmics comes in) Enchanted bolts (very very useful)

Drops should be:

1:5 Sapphire

1:5 Emerald

1:15 Ruby

1:25 Diamond

1:50 Dragonstone

1:200 onyx

20.) "Undead Chicken"

Drops feathers for fly-fishing

21.) Any black hand gang member

Can be used (possibly) for gambling? a gambling npc?

22.) this is very hard coding Smile

A minigame in which 1 player is randomly selected as "infected" and has to pk others, the infected players has higher stats than others (access to pots/prayers/veng) However, you can make the area multi and people can team on the zombie thats pking the player. BUT if the player pks a zombie, they become POISONED with high damage.

23.) "tormented soul"

This npc can drop soul wars capes/team capes

Ratio 1:10 team cape, 1:50/100 soul wars capes

24.) "Revenant Cave"

All of these monsters have a chance of dropping good loots like either: Godwars items, OR Revenant items (which WILL degrade otherwise it's op) however, make the area PKABLE in and have a chance at a statuette when you pk there (worth ___ many coins etc.)

And now, for the Big dropping Bosses: (requires team or VERY good armor for solo) VERYYY rare drops!

25.) "Skeletal Warlord"

Drops: Bandos Godsword, Chaotic Staff, Chaotic Longsword, Virtus

26.) "Corporeal Beast"

Drops: Armadyl Godsword, Chaotic Rapier, Chaotic Crossbow, Torva

27.) "Mighty Banshee"

Drops: Saradomin Godsword, Mystic armor (common), Ganodermic (If possible), Chaotic Kiteshield, Farseer Kiteshield, Eagle-Eye Kiteshield, Arcane Stream

28.) "Skogre" (higher hp obv)

Drops: Dark Bow, Rune Crossbow (Common), Ranger Boots, Robin Hood Hat

29.) Kril' Tsustaroth

Drops: Zamorak Godsword, Chaotic Maul, Poly staff (if possible), Dragon Claws.

30.) Tormented demons

Drops: Full PLATE dragon, Dragon Claws, all kinds of enchanted bolts

31.) Nazastarool

Drops: ALL barrows items, Defenders, Fury, Whip, Torso, slayer helm

32.) Ulfric

Drops: Anger weapons (cosmetic), Fire cape

33.) Slash Bash

Drops: Rarely, LARGE numbers of skilling items like logs, gems, herbs etc.

Now... for the big guns Smile

34.) Treus Dayth

Drops: All Spirit Shield

35.) "Arrav"

Drops: All (imbued) rings, Saradomin sword, Skeletal Armor, Spined Armor, Frost Bones (10)

36.) Unholy Cursebearer

(Note: Must be very hard and very rare ,(teams of 3)

Drops: All party hats, All masks, Santa Hat, Fish masks etc., Disk of Returning, Easter basket, Sled. (Note: must be VERY rare) 3RD AGE

37.) "Glutteneous Behemetoh" (for teams of 4+)

Drops: Primal ARMOR

38.) Yk'lagor the Thunderous (for teams of 5+)

Drops: Primal WEAPONS

39.) Hope Devourer

Drops: Salve amulet (e) (25% increased damage to undead), Double Xp Ring, (if possible, glacor boots/korasi sword, kiln cape.

40.) Evil Chicken (For teams of 10+)

Drops: All Nex Items, all Primal items, all chaotics, all rares, all spirit shields, 1 99 lamp

*****************IF YOU HAVE READ THIS FAR, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO READ MY SUGGESTIONS, IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE FOR A CERTAIN SECTION OF GAMEPLAY, LET ME KNOW ************************************************************************************************


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