Ever want to dice!?

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Ever want to dice!?

Post  Busta NUT RS on Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:28 pm

If you ever want to dice just pm me or find me in game. I can do anything in game for you! I want you to clean my bank. I host 55X2, Black Jack, or we can DD (Dice Duel)

Rules for game modes:
55X2--- I roll my die and if the number is 56 or above you get your item back plus the same item or cash substitution. if I roll 54 or less I keep your bet. if I roll 55 we break even and you get your bet back with no winnings.

Black Jack--- the objective is to get as close to 100 without going over!! Ill roll and that's your starting number, now with that number you can either say hit or stand, hit means I roll again and you'll add your first number to the number I rolled when you called hit. stand means you cant change that number and you think you can win with that number. After you are settled in with your number ill start my chances of getting as close as I can get to 100 to try and beat you. if your sum ends with 100 I will triple your bet automatically. if you win with any other number you will get your bet doubled.

DD (Dice Duel)--- you will place your bet and we will both roll, highest roll gets a point and the first to three points wins the game.



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